Beliefs, superstitions, religions, philosophies, sciences

We’ve always wanted to make sense of our world. The more society has evolved, the more complex our view of the world has become.

We started with simple beliefs and superstitions that evolved into complex systems. They further became religions. And, with them, we started to have a reason to live, a way to live, values to cherish, good ways to die and even good ways to live the afterlife.

Thing is, religion had a tendency to put us on a pedestal, a bit more favored that other creations, the chosen ones, the center of the universe. This, made us more arrogant. Yes, eastern religions were less prone to do it, but still, man was superior.

Technological advancement lead to a scientific golden era (that we still experience). And science started to challenge religion. While science seams to provide better explanations for how the world works, in terms of values, we still go back to religion. But not only religion, philosophy, modern ideologies.

It strikes me how we still have a tendency to see man as superior. Yes, we are the most evolved living organism we know, intelligence is a rare trait among the living and life is superior to inorganic matter; but still, we are just a step in evolution.

In latter years, we started to be more concerned about the “inferiors”, the animals and the environment (seen as a blend of living and inorganic). But I believe that the future will bring us a true challenge as we face the next step in evolution. At some point, our children will stop resembling us in body. Artificial intelligence and digitized minds will be the children of man.

I hope we will be able to teach them tolerance and love. Otherwise, hatred and arrogance will give them the manners of a caveman.

Let me share with you one of my favorite movies Edward Scissorhands:

The face of God

Usually science and religion don’t mix, but in the end they are both a good explanation for reality. They are both philosophies, ways of seeing the world. Where science ends it’s the place where religion begins. It’s normal, science discovers the rules, but who else, if not God, gave those rules ?

Isaac Asimov’s “Last question” is the science fiction version of religion.  I find it simple and armonious. Creation of this world is the ultimate event we might witness. Perhaps we will be around that time to see the face of God.

The science of religion

Any religion tries to give a meaning to the surrounding world. Any event, any situation, new or old is being interpreted by the means of this religion. Religion starts from the creation of the Universe, of the Stars and gradually gets to the essence of all things surrounding us. In this way, a religion is the science of those who believe in it.

Religion is not fixed, nor is science. Religion is made of a series of beliefs and legends just like theories and laws. Today all great religions have written books, but the contradictions in them and the different interpretations allows them to explain anything a believer encounters in his life. The same way, science redefines itself when new events occur (at the beginning of the century not few remarkable science men believed in the existence of ether – a matter witch composed all things around us).

Religion is the science of the masses. Great changes in religions occurred only when their lifestyle changed: from hunters to agricultures, from small communities to big cities. With the event of the Internet, religions will have to change again to accommodate larger and more diverse communities, and once we start space colonization they will change even further.

The Computer God

Religion is one of human kind basic needs. It is the response to the question about the purpouse of our lives. Every religion is the sum of the mystical ideas of the period in which it formed. It’s interpretation is influenced by the changes in society. One of the major changes are the computer and the Internet.

Multiplayer games, forums, blogs, all the web 2.0 concept connects all kind of people. And I mean all the kinds of people. It is the place were all the religions intersect. It is the most probable place were different mystical ideas will meet to form a new religion.

Internet and computers being it’s birth place, the new religion will have a good share of the superstitions Internauts have. So, a mass message like “pass this to your friend list or the service will close”, might become a mystical idea that not using a certain service or visiting a certain domain will bring bad luck.

A religion needs fights, heroes, foes and profets. We have a fight for freedom of information, music, videos and games, we have a Mitnick, we have the foes (I don’t need to mention them) and the profets will soon arrive.

A new God will rise, governing the connection speed, the relevance of the search results, the artefacts that drop in games.