Beliefs, superstitions, religions, philosophies, sciences

We’ve always wanted to make sense of our world. The more society has evolved, the more complex our view of the world has become.

We started with simple beliefs and superstitions that evolved into complex systems. They further became religions. And, with them, we started to have a reason to live, a way to live, values to cherish, good ways to die and even good ways to live the afterlife.

Thing is, religion had a tendency to put us on a pedestal, a bit more favored that other creations, the chosen ones, the center of the universe. This, made us more arrogant. Yes, eastern religions were less prone to do it, but still, man was superior.

Technological advancement lead to a scientific golden era (that we still experience). And science started to challenge religion. While science seams to provide better explanations for how the world works, in terms of values, we still go back to religion. But not only religion, philosophy, modern ideologies.

It strikes me how we still have a tendency to see man as superior. Yes, we are the most evolved living organism we know, intelligence is a rare trait among the living and life is superior to inorganic matter; but still, we are just a step in evolution.

In latter years, we started to be more concerned about the “inferiors”, the animals and the environment (seen as a blend of living and inorganic). But I believe that the future will bring us a true challenge as we face the next step in evolution. At some point, our children will stop resembling us in body. Artificial intelligence and digitized minds will be the children of man.

I hope we will be able to teach them tolerance and love. Otherwise, hatred and arrogance will give them the manners of a caveman.

Let me share with you one of my favorite movies Edward Scissorhands:

An universal language ?

Will we all speak the same language ?
Languages disappear when more powerful civilizations get in contact with them, and, usually, conquers the populations that speak those languages . Conquest can be military, economical or ideological. All of them need an intense contact between the most powerful civilization and the language that disappears. On the other hand, a new language appears if a population gets isolated.

In short, if all humankind will be able to maintain an intense contact for all the populations, in time, an universal language will evolve, if not, each isolated population will evolve a new language.

Key to these equation are communication and travel. If new ways of communication and travel will evolve enough to cover wast distances of space, an universal language will evolve. I doubt they will appear before the space conquest. We will first experience languages specific for planets or solar systems.

Cybernetic enhancement VS genetic engineering

Classic science fiction against modern science fiction. Until now we envision two ways in witch we can enhance our abilities or even to gain new ones. Both have their advantages, but also their weaknesses. The solution will probably be in between the two.

The classic solution, cybernetic enhancement, has the certain advantage that it can keep up with the advances in technology and can be changed during a lifetime several times. The main drawback is the synthetic add-on that must fit perfectly to the body, that means changing it while growing up and getting old. Also fattening will be a problem. Maintenance and recalibration will be another issue. The bigger the physical stress, the bigger the cost. This will be a problem for active people.

The modern solution, genetic engineering, won’t have any compatibility issues, it will always fit perfectly. Diseases and genetic dysfunctions will be removed. But you won’t be able to change what was set by your parents before your birth.

A combination of the two will probably be the best solution: a good general health and the posibility to keep up with technology and fashion. An interesting solution could come from nanotechnology which could completely rebuild biostructures, but also mechanical structures.

The sixth sense

Not the Spiderman’s sense, but a sense like all the others, able to detect certain physical phenomena. And that is the electro-magnetic field. The sense of the magnetic field is the natural evolution caused by the intense use of technology that produces electro-magnetic fields.

Firstly, such a sense is already present for sharks, hammerheads in special. A sense is developed by constant interaction with it’s stimuli in order to better defend, attack, mate etc. Until now, that interaction wasn’t so intense, it almost didn’t exist until the 20th century. The situation changed dramatically. Now we are surrounded by technology in almost all aspects of our life.

Evolution tends to be slow, taking millions of years. This is about to change due to advances in technology. A classical science fiction solution would be an artificial, cyborgian sense. But, I guess, the modern science fiction solution is genetic engineering.