Alien Civilization – Do they watch us ?

Are they already here ? Watching us, learning about us, even, governing us ? Is it plausible a scenario where an alien civilization would interact with us in such a way.

The answer starts with us. If we would find a civilization at the level of, say, the neanderthals, what would we do ? History says we would try to trick them, take their resources and brutally intimidate them if the trickery doesn’t work.

I like to believe that in the future resources won’t be so scarce and that, after enough solitude, we will better appreciate a new form of intelligence and help it advance at a rapid pace.

As always, things will be somewhere in the middle. Resources will always be limited, but after some other experiences with alien intelligent life forms, we can organize in order to preserve and help such a “natural reserve”. And we would do our best not to get noticed.

Even if I don’t believe ours is the case, the scenario is plausible.

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