The Computer God

Religion is one of human kind basic needs. It is the response to the question about the purpouse of our lives. Every religion is the sum of the mystical ideas of the period in which it formed. It’s interpretation is influenced by the changes in society. One of the major changes are the computer and the Internet.

Multiplayer games, forums, blogs, all the web 2.0 concept connects all kind of people. And I mean all the kinds of people. It is the place were all the religions intersect. It is the most probable place were different mystical ideas will meet to form a new religion.

Internet and computers being it’s birth place, the new religion will have a good share of the superstitions Internauts have. So, a mass message like “pass this to your friend list or the service will close”, might become a mystical idea that not using a certain service or visiting a certain domain will bring bad luck.

A religion needs fights, heroes, foes and profets. We have a fight for freedom of information, music, videos and games, we have a Mitnick, we have the foes (I don’t need to mention them) and the profets will soon arrive.

A new God will rise, governing the connection speed, the relevance of the search results, the artefacts that drop in games.

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